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Relationship Development

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About Us

Mentorship in commercial real estate takes many forms.

At AAREP Philadelphia our core strategy for real estate mentorship leans heavily on a model that favors encouragement and support learning. We provide a dynamic educational and networking environment for all real estate investors from beginners to full time professionals.

Through a combination of roundtable discussions, guest speakers, and outreach, our professional networking group provides information and resources to equip Black commercial real estate professionals with the tools to be successful.

While career building and leveraging resources are key; mentorship and professional development are equally important to educate the next generation about the vast opportunities and avenues within the Philadelphia commercial real estate market.

Our commercial real estate mentorship program focuses on:

  • Developing & honing personal strengths to encourage success
  • Building trust with clients
  • Learning the art of closing the deal
  • Managing ever-changing environments
  • Encouraging innovative thinking for creative transactions

Coaching and mentoring makes development accessible for everyone, every day. Our corporate mentoring and professional development services are strategically focused on helping Black commercial real estate professionals reinforce the key values and leadership principles that are critical to success in the commercial real estate industry.

We help commercial real estate professionals excel at doing what they love. AAREP PHL provides a friendly and supportive atmosphere which promotes networking and allows its members to grow by learning from other’s experiences in the commercial real estate industry.

Members of AAREP Philadelphia come from various backgrounds and all walks of life, all with one thing in common … commercial real estate.

We help Black commercial real estate professionals become catalysts to drive the success in their careers, teaching them how to gain a competitive advantage through development of a sound process of inquiry, dialogue, and plan of action.